NBA Players Weigh In On CP3 v. D-Will Debate

03.11.09 10 years ago 66 Comments

ESPN is so far past the CP3/Deron Williams debate, they’re asking whether Chris Paul is better than Magic Johnson on their NBA homepage.

I’m not quite ready to anoint Paul the greatest point guard of all time. I think that the SI Player’s Poll, in which they asked “Which NBA point guard would you pay to go see?” is a better question right now.

Paul walks away it, taking home 59% of the votes. That’s not surprising. He’s so active on both sides of the ball, it’s hard not to love the way that he plays.

But second place is a bit more surprising. I would have thought that players would support Deron Williams as No. 2. However, Steve Nash is second with 14% of the votes, Chauncey Billups edges out D-Will for third (5%), and then comes Williams in fourth. Allen Iverson is fifth, and for whatever reason, Stephon Marbury didn’t get any votes.

I saw Paul play in person a couple of weeks ago in New Jersey for the first time, and there’s no doubt that I’d vote for him No. 1. But I’d put D-Will at a close second. When he’s on, he’ll throw gorgeous passes that no one – not even CP3 – can throw in the League. Plus, Williams’ one-on-one game is as exciting as any point guard’s. Oftentimes, Nash needs a screen if he’s going to get in the lane. Deron’s crossover seals him as No. 2 for me.

Do you agree with the Players’ Poll?

Source: SI

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