Each NBA Team’s Hype Video For The 2018 Playoffs, Ranked

04.15.18 11 months ago

Sixers on Twitter

The postseason is upon us, and with the NBA playoffs comes team hype videos. It’s not enough to just make the postseason to get fans excited about the playoffs, you have to get the digital content team on the case to make some video magic. Each of the 16 NBA teams that made the postseason have a video to get folks excited about the series to come.

Some of these are more season recaps than preview videos, while others are meant to preview Game 1 of a given series. But still, we’re counting them as we rank each hype video based on just how hyped we get by watching them. These rankings are completely arbitrary, unbiased, and also completely correct. Let’s get started.

16. San Antonio Spurs

We, like everyone else, love Pau Gasol, but come on.

15. Indiana Pacers

This one needs some work. It’s short, doesn’t show a ton of action, and is basically just the Pacers trying to show up LeBron James as selfish or something. Show Victor Oladipo dunking or something! The Pacers are cool and, unfortunately, this video doesn’t quite reflect that.

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