Which Dunks Are Missing From This NBA Posterization Supercut?

09.09.15 3 years ago 5 Comments

We know that dunk compilation videos are a dime a dozen (and the EDM drops on this one skew to the obnoxious side), but given that it’s the offseason, you won’t begrudge us posting a newly-published, well-edited montage of some of the best posterizations in recent NBA memory. Courtesy of YouTube user MJO Mixes, we’re treated to classic dunks by Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin, LeBron James and others. It’s a great watch, but it’s missing a couple, and their omissions threaten to derail the whole enterprise, especially considering the video leads with a great, if not poster-worthy, Andre Iguodala dunk.

Basically, if it doesn’t have Mozgov, it’s not a complete list:

Also, there was this guy called Michael Jordan and he dunked on people from time to time:

And I’m personally partial to Ricky Davis jumping over Steve Nash:

The list goes on. Fill us in with what you think the video missed that we didn’t catch in the comments.

(H/T reddit)

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