In The NBA2K Future, Ben Simmons Is MVP And The Lakers Start A New Dynasty

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One of the best features of the NBA 2K franchise is the ability to simulate a near-infinite amount of NBA scenarios with painstaking detail, and then feeling your jaw slowly drop to the floor at the absurd results. And yet, if I told you two summers ago that Kevin Durant would be joining the Golden State Warriors for the 2016-17 season, you’d swear I was talking about some sort of make believe NBA 2K scenario, anyway, making NBA 2K as good of a predictor for future NBA happenings as anything else. It’s one of the many reasons why the NBA is so successful. Crazy sh*t happens every single night.

We ran a feature in October highlighting NBA 2K17’s ability to predict the future when we simulated the entire 2016-17 season, and the results were positively insane. How could we possibly make an NBA 2K simulation even more absurd, you ask? How about 10+ NBA seasons predicting the success of the 2016 rookie class? Yup, that’ll do it.

Here we go.

All-Star Weekend 2017

For as little emphasis as we put on All-Star Weekend’s ‘Rising Stars’ game, or whatever the NBA decides to call it during a given year, you never want be a highly-touted rookie and not land a spot in that horribly played exhibition game. It’s the first major checkpoint for NBA rookies. It’s their first showcase on a national stage. It’s important to them.

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