NBA Rookie Watch: Get Ready To Watch Someone Pass Their Way To The Award

10.18.17 1 year ago


The start of another NBA season means a time to embrace the new and different. Forget about the mega powers in the Eastern and Western conferences and the established stars that will almost certainly lead them to another NBA Finals appearance. LeBron James and Stephen Curry are old hat at this point. We suck young blood in these parts, and the NBA Draft has given us a fresh crop of talent to slake our thirst for new basketball superstars.

But before the new season begins, we have to talk about the potential these rookies have. Will one emerge as the clear-cut Rookie of the Year by season’s end? Or will the talent in the 2016 draft class prove so immense that it’s a year-long dogfight that dominates your League Pass viewing habits? Will Lonzo Ball forever duck DeAaron Fox, depriving us of another showdown between the rookies and making the writing of this feature that much more difficult?


But it must be written, and it will be done. The games will continue unabated. And, Bird willing, we will play this season out as this flat planet’s sun circles overhead, turning fall to winter and to spring once more. Who will lead our preseason Rookie of the Year ballot? Read on to expand your mind, friends.

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