Pic And Roll: Perhaps You Forgot The Cleveland Cavaliers Are Supposedly ‘Breaking Bad’

03.14.16 3 years ago

There’s something rotten in the state of Ohio, and it isn’t the water. The Cavaliers may have the best record in the East, but there are some serious issues with LeBron James and the rest of his team. Meanwhile, it’s “Everything’s fine. Everything’s totally fine,” for more than a few teams in the league, and two iconic non-players call it a “career.” Cue the theme music, it’s time for the Pic and Roll!

Oh. Right. We don’t have theme music. Budgetary concerns and all that, I’m sure you understand. So…read on, I guess?

Breaking Cavs

So…it’s been an interesting week or so for the Cavs. They’re still the best team in the East based purely off record, but they’re certainly not playing their best ball as of late. There’s a stark difference between the way the Raptors — who sit just below the Cavs in the standings, and even the surging Hawks — play versus how the Cavs play. The success of the former is spurred by terrific chemistry, the defense moving on a string and everyone playing to their strengths. Then there’s the Cavs, for whom nothing looks easy, much less fun. Everything is a grind, even when the ball flows perfectly, it always seems to do so reluctantly and without joy. It’s not surprising, then, that some scouts see the Cavs’ on-court chemistry as virtually nonexistent.

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