NBA Rumor: Detroit Pistons moving to Las Vegas

07.15.10 9 years ago 22 Comments

An NBA team in Las Vegas? This is obviously not breaking news, as the proposal has been tossed around since 2007, but reportedly it is very possible in the very near future. According to the Oakland Press: “An investment group wants to bring an NBA team to Las Vegas … The group, International Development Management LLC, said it’s close to purchasing an NBA team to play in its proposed arena … The ‘deal’ has a lot of loopholes to clear. The investment group must first strike a deal with the county to fund construction of its proposed arena … Chris Milam, CEO of International, told the Las Vegas Sun the group has a team “under contract.”

This story is picking up a ton of buzz in Detroit. Actually, some
people are pretty nervous because late former owner William Davidson’s wife Karen owns the team now and is looking to sell. She was quoted as she told the Free Press at a Piston charity event in 2009 that “We’re looking for a buyer.”

While it would be nice to see a team in Vegas, it would be tough for potential buyers to get the Pistons out of Detroit. As a potential buyer would have to buy not only the team, but also all of the Pistons assets — including the stadium. Now, Detroit is not the only team that is rumored: there’s also Golden State, New Orleans, and Sacramento has all been rumored in maybe being the team that International Development Management LLC, is talking about.

What do you think? Would an NBA team survive in Las Vegas?

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