NBA Rumor: Hedo Turkoglu & Josh Childress To Phoenix

07.12.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

The Phoenix Suns seem destined to make the desert a family affair. With NBA agent Lon Babby getting some looks as a candidate to be their future GM, the Suns went out and acquired two players that he’s involved with: Hedo Turkoglu (with Babby as his agent) and Josh Childress (whose agent James Tanner comes from the same law firm, Williams & Connolly, that Babby works out of). Oh yeah, and Babby also represents the Suns’ Grant Hill.

A flurry of action last night has the Suns close to netting both Childress – in a small sign and trade with Atlanta – and Turkoglu from Toronto. Leandro Barbosa is on his way to Toronto (I wonder if he is sobbing right now) as well as Boris Diaw. Here’s how the trades, very close to being done, would work out:

PHOENIX: Turkoglu, Childress
TORONTO: Barbosa, Diaw
CHARLOTTE: Dwayne Jones, Raptors’ trade exception from Chris Bosh trade
ATLANTA: 2012 second-round pick (from Phoenix)

Childress is finally being persuaded to come back to the States, getting five years and around $34 million from the Suns. Atlanta still owned his rights. Without the trade exception they got from the Amar’e Stoudemire deal, Phoenix would have been unable to do this deal with Atlanta.

The Suns have moved quickly to attempt to replace Stoudemire, re-signing Channing Frye and picking up Hakim Warrick. It looks like they are trying to improve their depth at forward to combat the loss of their star big man.

Babby, despite having no front office basketball background, could be hired into the Suns’ front office. Do you think it is a coincidence that Phoenix just acquired two of the players he represents with a third already on the roster?

With all of the talk this offseason concerning Chris Paul‘s move to the same representation as LeBron James and how some of the reasoning behind these superstars teaming up might have something to do with agent power, it could be possible Babby is trying to do the same in Phoenix.

More importantly, how is Phoenix going to replace Stoudemire’s inside scoring? Turkoglu should have a bounce back year next to Steve Nash, but the Suns are now littered with small forwards and their big men might be energizers, but aren’t exactly Kevin McHale on the box.

What do you think?

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