NBA Rumor: James Dolan Wanted To Trade Iman Shumpert

07.17.13 6 years ago

New York Knicks owner James Dolan was ready to trade Iman Shumpert all because the swingman didn’t want to workout in the summer league, according to Stephen A. Smith. Unbelievable, right? The rumor came from an off-air conversation between Smith and Dwight Howard. Somehow, Azaz of the Knicks FanBlog discovered a behind-the-scenes recording of the longer ESPN conversation that aired when Howard left for Houston.

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If this had somehow gone down, if somehow Dolan had traded one of the NBA’s best 23-year-old defensive guards, all because of some petty difference in how he should conduct his summer training, it would’ve been another instance of New York’s brass just not getting it. Stephen A. Smith has spilled some wild rumors before, but since this is the Knicks and James Dolan, we’re betting this one leans closer to truth than rumor. Dwight Howard isn’t even that shocked, saying simply, “He can come here. James [Harden] can play the one, two… or three.”

via Deadspin

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