NBA Rumor: Nets Interested in DeMarcus Cousins

Got a player you’re thinking of unloading? Any player. It doesn’t matter, because the Nets will probably take him. New Jersey is in dire straights right now and they need bodies; preferably ones who can play, but that’s would just be an added bonus at this point (Already down Brook Lopez, they’re rolling out a squad tonight against the Celtics that will also be without Deron Wiliams and Kris Humphries).

So it’s no wonder that the team has reportedly jumped all over the Kings after sophomore big man DeMarcus Cousins allegedly demanded a trade over the weekend.

From today’s NY Daily News:

The Nets are getting Kris Humphries back sooner than expected, but that’s not stopping them from pursuing a risky personality for a frontcourt upgrade.

According to a league source, the Nets are looking to trade for Kings center DeMarcus Cousins, who earlier this week had a falling-out with Sacramento coach Paul Westphal.

It’s unclear if the Kings are ready to deal Cousins — the No. 4 pick in 2010 out of Kentucky — but the team released a statement Sunday condemning the 21-year-old for his lack of commitment to the club while stating he demanded a trade.

Cousins, who was excused from Sunday’s game in New Orleans and dressed Tuesday night against the Grizzlies, denied that he demanded a trade, and the Kings said they won’t deal him. Still, the animosity between the struggling team and its top big man — which dates back to last season when Cousins was kicked out of practice — leaves the impression that a separation is inevitable. Cousins was averaging 13 points and 11.3 rebounds in four games entering Tuesday night.

DMC clearly has his issues – this is not up for debate. But the guy can play. If he really is available, he’s a tantalizing option not just for the Nets, but many other teams in the League. 6-10 and super-skilled at just 21 years old? On paper, he’s future franchise player. But any team taking on Cousins obviously has to be prepared to deal with all the other stuff that goes along with him – it’s alarming that a team that only has young players like the Kings already seems to be at the breaking point with him.

And then beyond that, what do the Nets have to offer Sacramento? They would most likely have to part with Lopez and/or some of the draft picks they had earmarked for the Dwight Howard trade.

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Should the Nets move to deal for Cousins? Even at the risk of potentially losing out on Dwight Howard down the road?

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