NBA Rumor: Tony Parker To The Pacers

06.02.10 9 years ago 26 Comments

With only two teams left playing ball, the rumors are starting to fly. Yesterday on his weekly chat, Chad Ford mentioned that one scenario floating out there is San Antonio sending Tony Parker to Indiana for the No. 10 pick, Troy Murphy and Brandon Rush. Let me be clear: There is no way that Larry Bird makes this trade.

Yes, Murphy is in the last year of his contract. And yes, the Pacers are in need of a point guard. But to trade a pick, your second-best player and a rotation guy for a banged-up PG who missed 26 games last season just doesn’t make sense.

It’s widely become known that the Pacers are willing to move the No. 10 pick for a veteran player that can help them right away in return, but to give up basically three players for one (who may or may not be healthy) just doesn’t make sense. Also, Parker too is in the final year of his contract, so what makes the Pacers confident that the former Finals MVP would want to leave a perennial playoff team for one battling to make it – in a weaker conference no less. Even if they were to make this deal, Parker would most likely be one-and-done.

What do you think?

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