NBA Rumor: Warriors Plan to Pursue Chris Bosh

05.14.09 9 years ago 30 Comments
Chris Bosh, Dime #33

Chris Bosh, Dime #33

When I woke up this morning I noticed the same headline on a bunch of different NBA news services. It went something like this: “Warriors New GM Is Not a Puppet Under Nelson’s Control.” Needless to say, whenever new leadership is presented to the public as NOT being a puppet, that person is 100% under someone else’s control. It works like that every time.

It didn’t even take a full day to confirm those initial suspicions. Word out of Golden State is that new GM Larry Riley, who is getting paid less than every other GM in the League, wants to make a push to get Chris Bosh from the Raptors.

So what’s so fishy about that? If Toronto were to even consider this deal, they’d undoubtedly ask for Anthony Randolph as part of the package in return. The only thing that would make Don Nelson happier than telling Jamal Crawford to pack his bags is to get Randolph on the next plane out of town.

To make the dollars work, it looks like the Warriors would also need to include Andris Biedrins in this deal. Supposedly, Nellie isn’t all that fond of Biedrins either even though he was a double-double guy shooting close to 60% last year. (Then again, I don’t think that in tight economic times that those numbers are worth $9 million per year.)

Though Randolph has a perpetual sour face, he’s got a ton of people rooting for him to realize his supposedly Top-10 talent. (That’s not top-10 in his draft class, that’s top-10 in the entire League according to many.) Why are the Warriors eager to get rid of that player for someone who many consider overrated and definitely not a Top 10 player? Oh, and throw in another proven rebounder who can play Nellie-ball.

Riley wasn’t hired by Nellie, though he could very well be executing Don’s orders. He was hand-picked by GSW owner Robert Rowell, the villain behind Monta’s moped-gate. According to intrepid blogger Tim Kawakami, Rowell didn’t bother to consider any other candidates before signing Riley.

On that Rowell comment about his consideration of other GM candidates. Note that he didn’t say that he interviewed other GM options. Because I’m told that he didn’t. In fact, league sources say that Rowell didn’t talk to anybody–or even survey the field, ask for permission, anything–before locking into Larry Riley.

Across the country, people knew the names and positions of everyone in the Knicks front office back during the Isiah fiasco. It’s the same in Golden State right now. But even if we know who’s-who, it’s totally unclear as to who’s in charge. The only thing we know for sure is that this Larry Riley fella ain’t the one calling the shots.

Source: Mercury News

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