We Picked An X-Factor For Every NBA Team Heading Into The 2017-18 Season

10.13.17 8 months ago 3 Comments

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Not every NBA team boasts a superstar on its roster and very few have more than one. However, each squad in the league is blessed with at least one interesting player, either for the present or the future, and that helps to make teams that aren’t exactly in the playoff hunt quite fun to monitor.

In this space, we will take a look at something of an “X-factor” for each of the league’s 30 teams with full knowledge that it won’t be the best or most dominant player available on the roster. Is LeBron James the NBA’s biggest “X-factor” at the moment? Absolutely, but our mission is to go a bit deeper and uncover some players that could be pivotal for teams without necessarily moving the needle when it comes to the national landscape.

Some teams have several candidates and some, well, do not but we managed to unearth 30 pivotal players and let’s roll through the list.

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