Bold Predictions For The Second Half Of The NBA Season

03.02.17 1 year ago 9 Comments

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As the NBA season rounds the corner into the home stretch, there are so many story-lines left to play out, some admittedly more compelling and more consequential than others.

While we could spend a lot of time and digital ink offering our predictions about who will win which regular season awards, which teams will make the playoffs, and who will ultimately bring home the title or eventually implode in that pursuit, we saw some unexpected things when we dared to gaze into our proverbial crystal ball.

10. The Rockets Will Score 200 Points In An NBA Game

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Daryl Morey has made it abundantly clear that he simply wants the Rockets to try and outscore their opponents. They’re already launching three-pointers at a record clip, and with Sweet Lou Williams added to the roster, look for James Harden and company to cook up some tasty 10-course scoring extravaganzas here in the final third of the season.

No team has ever scored 200 points in an NBA game, but the Detroit Pistons came awful close in their triple-overtime win against the Denver Nuggets in 1983 that ended with a final score of 186-184. The way the league is trending, this has to happen sooner or later, so it might as well be at the hands of one of the most prolific scoring teams in recent memory, led by the most offensive-minded coach in league history.

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