We’re Picking Every NBA Game Against The Spread For 10/17/2018

10.17.18 6 months ago

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The first full night of the NBA season is upon us after the opening night appetizer of Sixers-Celtics and Thunder-Warriors on Tuesday. We’ve decided that this year we’ll be picking every game against the spread as a staff (last night excluded) and letting you follow along as we see who can rack up the most winners (and who is the biggest loser) this season.

For a more detailed look at the lines and trends, you can check out our daily betting guide here, as all you’ll find here are picks. We are only picking against the spread, so if you’re looking for Overs and Unders unfortunately you’re out of luck — although if someone feels strongly I might sprinkle in a point total pick here and there in the intro because we just want to give you as many winners as we can.

The staff picking for us this season is myself, Martin Rickman, Bill DiFilippo, Brad Rowland, Chris Barnewall, Jeff Siegel, Sabreena Merchant, Nekias Duncan, Mike Zavagno, and Konata Edwards. Everyone starts with a 0-0 record, although Jeff would like you to know he had Boston and Golden State last night making him 1-1 for his personal record on the card.

Tonight, there are 11 games on the Wednesday night slate, so let’s get to it. Lines come from Westgate at whatever time I sent picks out that day.

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