NBA Players Are Reportedly Offended By Refs Using A ‘Stop Hand’ To Diffuse Arguments

02.18.18 1 year ago 2 Comments

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If you’ve been watching the NBA this season, you’ve probably noticed that the tension between players and refs appears to have reached a tipping point. The only problem is that perception doesn’t always equal reality.

When you look at the raw data, the number of technical fouls and ejections up to this point is right on par with where it was last year. So what’s accounting for the notion that the relationship between the two sides has deteriorated to the point where they’ve had to sit down and hash things out, with the league offices even stepping in to implement a five-point plan to mitigate things?

One reason is that it’s involved high-profile players such as Kevin Durant and LeBron James. So over All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles, representatives from both sides got together to discuss strategies for improving communication on court in the heat of battle, and there were some interesting ideas batted around.

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