The ‘NBA On TNT’ Crew Completely Lost It Over The Idea Of Paying $6.99 For A Lakers Game

The Inside The NBA crew gets a bit unhinged after the late game on TNT and this was never more apparent than in their attempt to get through a promo for a Lakers vs. Bucks on League Pass.

Ernie Johnson started his promo and Charles Barkley couldn’t help but jump in and interrupt him. Ernie did egg him on with “I dare you,” knowing where Barkley was about to go. From there, it was about two minutes of hysteria as Charles, Shaq and Ernie all cracked up at the idea of paying $6.99 for a Lakers-Bucks game. The entire segment is hysterical, with Chuck and Ernie showing no regards for the promo or trying to pretend like it’s a good deal.

Charles kept hollering out that the game should be $1.99 at most, while Shaq and Ernie couldn’t stop cracking up. Ernie even got some jokes in, noting he could do a whole lot for $6.99 and watching Lakers-Bucks was not part of that list. While those three were all dying laughing about it, Kenny Smith, ever the company man, was doing his best to hold the ship together and kept yelling “6.99 is for the season!,” which isn’t true as the $6.99 is indeed for the single-game pass.

Ernie found the whole thing so funny that he just told the producers to roll the highlights while he laughed and they’d eventually get to them. Kenny, again, tried to hold things together by just interjecting with “James Harden…” and “Patrick Beverley” to attempt and get the train back on the tracks, but that was long gone. About 20 seconds into the highlights, Ernie finally got his composure and said “what are we watching,” which was the thing most viewers were probably saying too.