The Top Small Forwards In The NBA Right Now, Ranked

03.10.17 12 months ago 2 Comments

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We like to rattle on about it being a golden era for point guards in the NBA, but the league is absolutely loaded with talent out on the wing as well. Not only does the small forward position feature some of the best two-way players on the planet; it’s a role that continues to evolve and defy description. Today’s small forwards are stuck in a sort of limbo between the frontcourt and backcourt and are often expected to be proficient at both.

In order to survive, they have to be able to handle the rock like a point guard, create for themselves, and knock down three-pointers. They also have to be versatile enough to post-up when necessary, defend sometimes four or five positions, and be able to pass the ball and help find open shots for their teammates.

It’s one of the most fascinating positions in sports, and today we celebrate with our ranking of the NBA’s very best swing-men.

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