The Fallout From The Biggest Rumored NBA Deadline Deals That Didn’t Happen

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This trade deadline was kind of disappointing. There were winners and losers, as always, but Thursday saw no huge deals.

Coming into Thursday, it seemed like someone was going to make a move that would make ripples across the league. Instead, we got a number of moves that were just fine. The most noteworthy moves – DeMarcus Cousins going to New Orleans, Serge Ibaka going to Toronto, and Kyle Korver going to Cleveland – all occurred days or weeks prior to deadline day.

Instead, the two stories on Thursday were that several teams made solid moves to bolster their rosters as currently constructed (Nerlens Noel to Dallas, P.J. Tucker to Toronto, Taj Gibson to Oklahoma City) and that a number of rumored deals didn’t go through. We decided to take a look at some of the biggest rumored deals that didn’t happen and how they can impact the league over the immediate future.

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