NBA Trade Deadline Winners And Losers

02.23.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

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The 3 p.m. ET NBA trade deadline came and went on Thursday without any more major stars getting moved, as Jimmy Butler and Paul George both remain with the Bulls and Pacers, respectively.

That isn’t to say there wasn’t a flurry of action on Thursday, as there were a couple of fairly significant trades while a number of teams made smaller moves to shuffle around cap space, assets or gain additional rotational help. We’re here to tell you who won and who lost as the trade deadline came and went.

The Winners

Los Angeles Lakers: The real winner of this year’s trade deadline is a team that’s biggest move on Thursday was trading Marcelo Huertas for Tyler Ennis. I don’t have any thoughts on that trade at all (although getting a first-round pick for Lou Williams on Tueesday was great), but the Lakers win because the biggest revelation that came out of deadline day was that Paul George really wants to be in purple and gold.

Not only did we learn that, but the Lakers didn’t pull a Knicks and trade away a bunch of young assets to get a guy that really wants to be there and will most likely sign when he reaches free agency. The Pacers are the other team they’ll be competing with for George’s services that year, and with the Pacers failing to land a player to help George, it would seem to indicate he’s one step closer to L.A. Good job, Magic Johnson, you didn’t screw up and now appear to be in great position to land a superstar in 2018. Great GM’ing.

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