NBA Trade Deadline Losers

02.19.10 9 years ago 32 Comments

We’ve been over the winners. Following a hectic NBA trading season where 39 players changed addresses leading up to Thursday’s deadline, here are the trade deadline losers:

1. Los Angeles Lakers — It’s easy to see why the defending champs would be content with what they’ve got, especially when they’re currently sporting the best record in the West. But the Lake Show does have some noticeable flaws that could have been addressed with a trade. Namely, L.A. needs a guy who can handle the ball and deal with fast guards. Remember the ’09 playoffs against Aaron Brooks? Last night it was tough watching Derek Fisher and Jordan Farmar trying to stay in front of Rajon Rondo, and at some point that defensive hole could come back and bite L.A. in the butt.

2. Dwyane Wade — Sorry, no help for you. Have fun carrying this mediocre roster to another first-round exit. Pat Riley said he wasn’t gonna make any major moves until D-Wade re-upped with Miami, but damn. Throw the dude a Salmons bone or something.

3. Joe Dumars — Was he on vacation this week? At the start of the season it seemed inevitable that Rip Hamilton and/or Tayshaun Prince would be traded at some point before the deadline, and from a basketball standpoint, they’ve even been made expendable by Ben Gordon and Jonas Jerebko. Dumars had a chance to get some young talent or expiring contracts for Rip ($49.5 million through 2013) and Tayshaun ($21.4M through 2011) while they still have something left in the tank, and he came away with nothing. Not just that, I’m not even sure he tried to make a move. Maybe Rip’s 36-point effort on Wednesday made Dumars all nostalgic.

4. Utah Jazz — Just before the deadline, the Jazz quietly gave up their best defender for Memphis’ 2011 first-round draft pick. Ronnie Brewer isn’t necessarily a franchise cornerstone, but he was the starting two-guard for the last couple of years and was the guy Utah could stick on Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Brandon Roy and other elite twos. C.J. Miles probably replaces Brewer in the lineup, which automatically makes Utah’s bench thinner and makes their defense worse. In a year where the Jazz can make a deep playoff run, this wasn’t the time to dump a starter and get nothing in return.

5. Andre IguodalaSince the Sixers failed to pull the trigger on a perfectly sensible deal that would have sent Iguodala to Houston, and they didn’t seem close to any other trades, A.I.2 may be doomed to play out his prime years as a misplaced “franchise guy” on a mediocre team.

6. Los Angeles Clippers — Gave up their best defender and perhaps most productive player (Marcus Camby), who then publicly called the Clippers out for giving up on the season. Plus they had to admit another Lottery pick didn’t work out (Al Thornton). Another season of reasonably high expectations officially has gone to hell.

7. Kiki Vandeweghe — Unfortunately found out that GMs/coaches can’t be traded at the deadline. Sources close to the Nets tell me Kiki was calling teams and pitching deals involving himself.

You know your team better than we do. Tell us if your team was a trade deadline winner or loser (and why) and we’ll run some of the best analysis in a separate column.

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