A Team-By-Team List Of Every NBA Free Agency, Trade, And Draft Rumor

06.20.17 2 years ago

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The NBA offseason is in full swing with the draft over and free agency in full swing.

It’s really difficult to keep up with everything that’s going on and parsing out what’s fact (little of it) from fiction (most of it) as teams jockey for better position with regards to trades, draft picks, and free agent signings. A lot of rumor season (#RumorSZN) is teams and agents leaking information in order to gain some leverage on another interested party. When you start to see all of the rumors pieced together in one place, the trail of who is leveraging who can sometimes become more clear.

In that regard, we’ve created this handy rumor tracker that is sorted alphabetically by team and includes pertinent tweets or story links (for bigger news) from the various rumors that each team has been connected to. Many of these will be duplicates, because the point here is to be able to search by your team. When a rumor becomes an actual trade, pick, or signing, we’ll put it in bold. Otherwise, these are all just rumors for what each team could be doing this offseason, which we will be updating as often as possible throughout the next few weeks.

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