NBA Trade: Kings, Bobcats, Bucks 3-Team Deal for Players and Picks

And the 2011 NBA Draft trade madness has begun! According to multiple reports, a three-team trade involving the Sacramento Kings, Charlotte Bobcats and Milwaukee Bucks has just been finalized.

The deal looks like this: Sacramento gets John Salmons and moves back three spots to the 10th pick. The Bobcats move up to pick seven and acquire Corey Maggette from Milwaukee. The Bucks move all the way back to pick 19 and acquire Stephen Jackson, Beno Udrih and Shaun Livingston.

Quick analysis of what this means for all teams: Sacramento looks to be the early winners in this one, only moving back three spots while bringing in a veteran and proven scorer in John Salmons.

Charlotte gives up a lot in this deal along with taking on Maggette’s enormous contract, but did manage to move up a few stops, apparently taking no chances on the risk of missing “their guy” – maybe MJ wants Kemba?? Plus they keep the 9th pick.

Milwaukee’s role in this deal tells us their in “win now” mode – bringing in two starters in Jackson and Udrith with Livingston as a nice backup for Brandon Jennings. There’s also the outside chance they’re not done dealing and might be thinking of moving Jennings for a top pick in tonight’s draft.