NBA Trade News: Knicks and Raptors Agree to Andrea Bargnani Deal

How will the New York Knicks move to keep up with the Brooklyn Nets and their addition of two Hall of Famers in the last week? Step One is clearly to trade for a hideously poor rebounding, soft 7-footer of course.

The New York TimesHoward Beck broke news tonight that New York and the Toronto Raptors have agreed to a deal that would send Andrea Bargnani to New York for Steve Novak, Marcus Camby, a 2016 first-round pick and two future second-round picks.

The real sting for New York would be that first round draft pick, because the Knicks don’t really lose anything in the players being jettisoned. Bargs makes up for the three-point contribution of Novak and Camby was obviously non-existent.

This move doesn’t exactly put the Knicks into the Heat/Pacers/Bulls/Nets discussion though. They need to do more …

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