NBA Trade Rumor: Boston Celtics Open to Dealing Rajon Rondo

Well this just seems stupid. The Boston Celtics A) need to get younger and more athletic and B) need to use this upcoming free agency period to start the move into the future past the Paul Pierce/KG/Ray Allen Era. The last guy they should be looking to move is Rajon Rondo. Yet here we are. ESPN’s Chris Broussard is reporting that sources are telling him that Rondo could be on the block.

From a Broussard post filed early this morning:

While Boston is not shopping Rajon Rondo, it would be open to trading him in the right deal, sources say. The Celtics feel they need more scoring to take the load off Paul Pierce.

I’m not saying that Broussard hasn’t heard that from his sources, I’m saying that it seems pretty silly for the Celtics to be making a push to build around an aging, slowing Pierce a priority for their franchise. Especially if it’s at the cost of losing Rondo – unless the return is another point guard on the Derrick Rose/Deron Williams/Chris Paul-level.

Even if you don’t like Rondo’s unorthodox game, you can’t deny that he’s one of the best five point guards in the NBA. Outside of a dominant big man, there is not a more valuable commodity that an elite PG.

Unless the Celtics get an offer that blows them away and allows them to re-stock with young athletes at multiple positions, or they’re getting another elite point guard in return, entertaining moving Rajon Rondo doesn’t make much sense.

Should the Boston Celtics look to trade Rajon Rondo?

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