NBA Trade Rumor: Carmelo Anthony Wants out of New York

03.14.12 7 years ago

Today’s New York Post is reporting rumors that Carmelo Anthony is hoping to be traded out of New York before Thursday’s deadline because, among other things, he doesn’t get along with Mike D’Antoni and feels like the organization doesn’t value his input concerning personnel decisions.

This seems pretty ridiculous, especially considering we’re less than a year removed from ‘Melo basically holding the Denver Nuggets hostage for almost a full season and forcing his way to New York. But here we are, and this is what Marc Berman of The Post writes this morning:

Carmelo Anthony’s discontent with the Knicks organization became so severe after Monday night’s loss to the Bulls, he told a confidant he preferred to be traded before Thursday’s NBA deadline, The Post has learned.

According to a person familiar with his thinking, Anthony’s disillusionment stems most from a belief coach Mike D’Antoni and interim GM Glen Grunwald do not trust him. He is surprised that after all the Knicks gave up to trade for him, he has not been asked for more input on personnel decisions, as Deron Williams has with the Nets.
“The organization makes believe his opinions don’t matter,” the source said.

However, Tuesday night, a source said Anthony and D’Antoni spoke in an attempt to reconcile their differences and made headway. On Monday night, Anthony only wanted to remain a Knick if he had assurances D’Antoni wouldn’t be back next season.

And later on, this:

It would seem unlikely — and ill-advised — for the Knicks to pull off a trade for Anthony on such short notice before Thursday’s deadline.

Though Stoudemire lobbied for the Knicks to trade for Anthony, the pair’s friendship has not flourished. “They’re not as close as people think they are,” the source said. “It’s an awkward relationship.”

Anthony is not jealous of Jeremy Lin’s global fame, according to the source. Lin, the source said, is Anthony’s favorite teammate, and Anthony feels they could be like the Thunder duo of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

According to the source, when Nuggets general manager Masai Ujiri tried to convince Anthony to stay in Denver last season, he repeatedly told Anthony he never would be able to handle the New York media. But Anthony believes the media has been the least of his problems and wished there was more feedback from his superiors.
Anthony has endured a poor season, shooting just 40 percent from the field while averaging 21.3 points and has not played well recently on defense.

D’Antoni rarely speaks in the same reverential tones about Anthony as he does about Lin, Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler.

When D’Antoni was asked after Monday’s loss to the Bulls if Anthony looked frustrated, D’Antoni replied, “More than normal, you mean? I don’t know. You’ll have to ask him.”

Such a mess. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Knicks’ miserable slide has coincided almost exactly with ‘Melo’s return to the lineup. At some point, it has to stop being everyone else’s fault, right?

I’m sure that New York has had some conversations with teams about moving ‘Melo before the deadline (why wouldn’t they?), but now maybe they should get after in earnest while they still can before this gets even worse.

Read the full NY Post article here

Should the Knicks do whatever they can to trade Carmelo before Thursday’s deadline?

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