NBA Trade Rumor: Gerald Wallace To Minnesota

12.08.08 9 years ago
Gerald WallaceGerald Wallace on the Timberwolves?

Besides the tenuous future of Randy Wittman, there is inevitable change ahead for the Minnesota Timberwolves. While the original trade rumors surrounding Gerald Wallace didn’t mention the possibility of Wallace heading to the Twin Cities, it appears that’s exactly where he is headed.

“Judging from all the chatter in their locker room, the Timberwolves are convinced that Gerald Wallace will be coming on board from Charlotte, with Rashard McCants and Jason Collins heading to the Bobcats.”

My initial reaction to this trade is that the Timberwolves make out like bandits. With Corey Brewer out for the season, the veteran Wallace fills that void in the starting lineup and brings toughness and a scoring punch that the T-Wolves lack.

For the Bobcats, this only furthers my conspiracy theory that owner Robert Johnson is a huge college basketball fan. Reuniting McCants with UNC teammates Raymond Felton and Sean May from the 2005 National Championship squad, and bringing in Stanford alumnus Jason Collins, doesn’t really make the Bobcats any better.

Trade France’s Alexis Ajinca for Marvin Williams (an action that would leave only players from big name colleges on the roster) and you might as well bring in Roy Williams.

Would you make this deal?

Source: New York Daily News

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