NBA Trade Rumor: The Nets Won’t Deal Deron Williams For Pau Gasol

The Lakers have been searching for a star point guard since last summer. They thought they had one with Chris Paul before David Stern swooped in and dropped the hammer. Now with Dwight Howard apparently staying in Orlando, everyone’s attention moves to New Jersey. What are they going to do with Deron Williams? Surely the Lakers would love to have him. There’s just one problem: The Nets refuse to trade him.

ESPN’s Marc Stein reports that no one will pry D-Will from their hands. Even if the Lakers offered Pau Gasol for him, New Jersey would turn it down.

The Lakers offered up the deal in December and were rejected. The same scenario could unfold today. New Jersey is set to hold on to their star player with an eye at making another run at acquiring Howard before Williams opts out of his deal this summer.

If you were the Nets, would you make this move?

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