NBA Trade Rumors: Where Will Andre Iguodala Land?

Andre Iguodala was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers, and soon enough, he was labeled the replacement for an aging Allen Iverson. That didn’t happen and Iguodala seems just fine with that, adapting into a role where dropping eight points, seven assists and nine rebounds is a solid outing – he’s not under the pressure of LeBron James to do any more. Well, at least not outside of Philadelphia.

Sixers fans don’t see it the same way, and they’ve let him know about it. Now, Philadelphia is looking to unload Iguodala, and it’s likely they will try to obtain a more impactful scorer in exchange for the 6-6, 207-pound wing. With that, here’s a look at some teams with rumored interest in Iguodala and how he might fit in with them.

Los Angeles Clippers

The hottest team to be rumored for Iguodala right now, the Clippers have had discussions revolving a swap between him and center Chris Kaman, according to ESPN. Financially, the trade makes sense, although Philadelphia is said to have wanted another player included in exchange for Iguodala.

The fit just might work for the Clippers, too. They have a rising center in DeAndre Jordan and enough scoring with Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin. That would mesh well with Iguodala playing the starting two or three positions, his passing ability perfect to facilitate for Los Angeles’ two young stars. Plus, a little veteran leadership and defense won’t hurt.

Reports ESPN’s Marc Stein via Twitter: “Trade-talk addendum: Iguodala loves idea of Clips but source briefed on talks says LAC likely has to sweeten offer to get Philly to bite.”

Golden State Warriors

Though talk of these discussions have fizzled, there’s still the possibility that Golden State unloads guard Monta Ellis for Iguodala. Like the Clippers’ proposition, this trade lines up monetarily, and it gives the 76ers a pure scorer that could improve their team right away.

On the Warriors side of things, Iguodala easily fits into a young and athletic bunch. Of course, much of the style of play depends on the style of incoming head coach Mark Jackson. But without a proven leader on the Warriors – unless Stephen Curry is ready to be crowned their franchise player – Iguodala doesn’t bring the scoring punch to a roster of raw talent, the same reason he’s being shopped around in Philly.

Orlando Magic

The biggest long-shot of them all, HOOPSWORLD writes that the Magic could package Jameer Nelson and Hedo Turkoglu in exchange for Iggy. RealGM.com wrote last week that he was indeed at the top of Orlando’s wanted list.

While taking in Turkoglu and Nelson seems like an ill fit for Philadelphia, Iguodala might be a nice piece in Orlando. His role would include feeding the ball to Dwight Howard and Jason Richardson, and after Turkoglu struggled last year, it’s an upgrade at the small forward position on both ends. In addition, losing Nelson won’t be a huge hit to the roster with Gilbert Arenas moving into the starting point guard slot, assuming he remains healthy.

Where do you think Iguodala will end up?

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