Knee-Jerk Reactions From Week 1 Of The NBA Season

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The NBA is back, and while we’re only a week or so into the 2017-18 NBA season, we’ve got enough big storylines going that you’d think we’ve been playing hoops for months. Unfortunately, severe injuries to both Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Lin tipped the season off on the wrong note, but it hasn’t been all bad news — Patrick Beverley roasted Lonzo Ball, and that was fun, right?

As a quick aside, it’s going to take some getting used to, but having the NBA break up their schedule by the week has been a fun little wrinkle nobody is really talking about. The NBA season runs for 26 weeks, through April 11, and while it doesn’t really matter, it creates a new cutoff and starting point for everything. In the spirit of trying out new things, here are some knee-jerk reactions to Week 1 of the NBA season. I like it.

What is going on with Markelle Fultz?

A video of Markelle Fultz shooting awkward free throws in the preseason went viral in early October, and watching him do the same thing in the regular season has created another wave of criticism from more casual NBA fans who may have skipped out on preseason hoops.

As far as why Fultz is shooting his free throws like that, the answer isn’t exactly clear. He had a shoulder issue, and that has been given as a reason why he changed his shot in the first place, but it’s unclear exactly how much it’s still bothering him. If your shoulder issues are causing that free throw form, you have to question if playing him at all is the smart move.

It’s just weird. Is that a knee-jerk reaction? Maybe not. Fultz hasn’t been bad thus far, but something here doesn’t seem right.

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