Do You Agree With The ‘NBA 2K16’ Top-10 Point Guard Rankings?

09.20.15 3 years ago 13 Comments
Chris Paul, Stephen Curry

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Steph Curry is the reigning MVP. Chris Paul has been the Point God for the better part of a decade. And Russell Westbrook is basketball’s biggest lightning rod for both praise and criticism. There’s currently no consensus for title of the league’s top point guard, though, and those three luminaries are hardly the only players worthy of that distinction.

Does any floor general’s two-way prowess stand above John Wall’s? Is another point guard smoother than Kyrie Irving? Or a better pure scorer than Damian Lillard? What about the perpetually underrated Mike Conley? And where does Derrick Rose rank on the point guard hierarchy – whether he ever reaches MVP form again or otherwise?

There are no obvious answers to those questions. It’s often hard to believe any player could have more of an impact than Curry, but Paul then quickly reminds you of just how easy his dominance normally comes. And later, Westbrook and Wall will do things which only players boasting they’re otherworldly athleticism are capable.

Seriously, how do you choose between those guys alone – not to mention their similarly gifted peers?

Ranking individuals is next to impossible in basketball, and this is arguably the game’s most stacked position. Do you agree with NBA 2K16’s rankings of the league’s top-10 point guards? We doubt it. Fortunately, you can prove them wrong by taking that vengeance out on the floor with the playmaker you deem disrespected when 2K16 finally drops on September 29th.

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