‘NBA 2K18’ Will Feature Long-Awaited Changes To MyTEAM Mode

08.19.17 9 months ago

NBA 2K18

It’s that time of the year again where developers start revealing new wrinkles in their games that are set to release in the next two months, and NBA 2K18 is no different. In a developer blog released by 2K Studios, the team revealed the new additions to the popular MyTEAM mode in the vaunted NBA 2K series.

The first big addition to MyTEAM is the ‘Pack and Playoffs’ mode that allows gamers the opportunity to start fresh with a random pack of different players. The game mode is emphasized by two things: skill and chance. The chance part is the bigger factor as there may be times when a player might get a team full of stars like LeBron James and Steph Curry on their squad, or they may end up with a bunch of lower-tier players. But that also factors into the second emphasis of this mode: skill. Because whether one has the higher or lower-tier players, it will always be about the application of those skills in order to take whatever team they have as far as they can.

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