The NBPA Is Calling For A ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy For Fan Misconduct After The Westbrook Incident

03.12.19 6 months ago

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On Monday night in Utah, Russell Westbrook got into a heated exchange with a Jazz fan seated next to the Thunder’s bench. A video emerged showing Westbrook hurling invectives at both the individual in question and his wife.

After the game, Patrick Patterson told reporters what was said that set Westbrook off, explaining that the man made homophobic comments, which Westbrook confirmed during his own media availability.

Westbrook also didn’t backtrack on his comments, explaining that fans around the league are allowed to verbally abuse players with relative impunity. The Jazz organization issued a statement saying they are investigating the incidence, and now it appears the NBPA are getting involved as well. Here’s a statement from executive director Michele Roberts.

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