The NCAA Got Mad At A Syracuse Donut Shop That Put Buddy Boeheim’s Face On A Donut

Syracuse, by virtue of getting a double-digit seed and somehow always doing this when they are given a double-digit seed, is on to the Sweet 16 in the 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. The star of the show has been the coach’s kid, as junior guard Buddy Boeheim has exploded during the first two games the Orange have played.

Boeheim dropped 30 points in Syracuse’s opening round tilt against San Diego State and followed that up with 25 against West Virginia. The thing that has stuck out, outside of his last name, is how insanely hot he’s gotten from three, going 13-for-23 from behind the arc and generating just enough buzz that he can possibly bring his ability to shoot to the next level.

But unfortunately, a small business decided to commit the unforgivable sin (in the NCAA’s eyes, at least) of having some fun with this. Syracuse donut shop Glazed & Confused created donut that had the younger Boeheim’s face on them, but according to a post on their Instagram account, the NCAA swooped in and told them this wasn’t cool, because god forbid a donut shop in Syracuse, New York put Buddy Boeheim’s face on food and raised money for charity, right?

“Unfortunately our ‘Buddy’ donuts have been bounced for the original #35 Coach B.,” the caption read. “To be compliant with the NCAA rules players images are not to be used. We know Coach B. is not as charming as Buddy but rules are rules. Limit 6 per person. Percentage of profits will go to Boys & Girls club. Limited quantity, first come , first serve. See you Saturday.”

Fun fact: I used to live two blocks away from Glazed & Confused! It’s really good. This, however, is really stupid, and it is the most NCAA thing imaginable to get riled up about this after it did not pay nearly enough attention to making sure the teams in its women’s tournament were given any sort of proper facilities at their hotel.