The Top 10 Best Moments Of March Madness’ Opening Rounds, Ranked

03.21.16 2 years ago 3 Comments

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There have been 48 games over the past four days to watch, and we can’t blame you if you didn’t have time to watch all of them. You have a life to live, we understand that. So, if things like “work” and “family” kept getting in the way of your hoops binge, here are the 10 best things you missed during the Madness’ opening rounds, ranked from pretty-crazy to gosh-dang-insanely-crazy.

10. Duke And Yale Meet For A Sweet 16 Spot

Alright, so there’s no specific moment to go along with this. But if you missed their game on Saturday, you missed one of those rare moments on the Internet when everyone agrees on something — in this case, how obnoxious graduates of both schools are perceived to be. If it were possible for both teams to get a loss, we would have given a kidney to make it happen.

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