Our Complete And Totally Accurate 2018 NCAA Tournament Bracket Picks

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03.12.18 3 Comments

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The 2018 NCAA Tournament is finally here. We’ve gone over the teams that have made it in, the teams to watch as potential Cinderella stories, and the teams that were snubbed by the committee. Now, it’s time to go game by game and pick some winners with out complete and totally accurate picks for what’s going to go down over the next few weeks.

All winners are in bold.



1. Villanova vs. 16. LIU-Brooklyn/Radford
8. Virginia Tech vs. 9. Alabama
5. West Virginia vs. 12. Murray State
4. Wichita State vs. 13. Marshall
6. Florida vs. 11. St. Bonaventure/UCLA
3. Texas Tech vs. 14. Stephen F. Austin
7. Arkansas vs. 10. Butler
2. Purdue vs. 15. Cal State Fullerton

Not a lot of drama here, as the only “upsets” come from teams that are lower seeded in the 8-9 and 7-10 games. Butler is underseeded and the kind of team that can slow down a more uptempo Arkansas squad, and while Virginia Tech is a better team on the whole than Alabama, Collin Sexton is too good to let the Crimson Tide get bounced right away. Keep an eye on the point guards in the 6-11 game, as Florida’s Chris Chiozza against either St. Bonaventure’s Jaylen Adams or UCLA’s Aaron Holiday is going to be a ton of fun.

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