A Nets 2K League Player Got Suspended For Rage-Quitting During A Loss

The NBA 2K League is rolling along with its season with players playing remote, which brings some unique challenges. While gaming offers a rather easy transition to remote play, there’s a big difference playing online from separate locations rather than being in the same room with your team.

Communication can be tricky, but there’s also the risk of connection issues. Last Tuesday, a game between Nets GC and Pistons GT was interrupted with 4:13 seconds to play in what was heading for a blowout win for the Pistons. An investigation by the 2K League determined that Nets small forward Marquis “Randomz” Gill was the reason for the interruption as he quit the game purposefully while it was still going on. Gill has been suspended for next Monday for the Nets’ series with Cavs Legion GC as a result.

Rage-quitting happens all the time in online gaming, and trailing 71-39 late in a game certainly is the kind of situation you might expect to see someone quit. However, that’s when playing 2K online with some random person, not playing in the official NBA 2K League, and as such it’s unsurprising the league wouldn’t take kindly to that happening.

It’s the kind of thing that can only happen in this remote setting and the league suspending Gill for a night of games is clearly ensuring the rest of the league is aware of the punishment that can come their way if they did the same thing.

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