The Nets Beat The Cavs In Triple Overtime Thanks To DeMarre Carroll And D’Angelo Russell

02.13.19 4 months ago

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If you didn’t sit down for a full NBA slate with plans to watch the Nets and Cavaliers that’s okay, because nobody expected the triple-overtime thriller that took place on Wednesday night. In a game that saw more back and forth than it really deserved, the Cavs and Nets came together to really put on a show.

Holding the second worst record in the East, the Cavs aren’t known for competing very often these days, but some unexpected names managed to pull them together and keep an edge over the Nets for most of the contest. Marquesse Chriss, abandoned in a trade to the Cavs on deadline day, played with a vengeance. He scored 23 points, and might have had more had he not fouled out, but before he left he managed to put Jarett Allen on a poster.

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