How Mikhail Prokhorov Has Set Up New Nets GM Sean Marks For Failure

02.25.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

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Sean Marks may very well have the eye, personality, and talent to successfully overhaul the league’s most mismanaged franchise. Unfortunately for basketball’s newest general manager, though, accomplishing that arduous task doesn’t fall on his shoulders alone. An organization is only as good as its synergy from top to bottom, and it’s never been more apparent how hard that will be to come by for the Brooklyn Nets.

In a recent interview on Sirius XM Radio, Lionel Hollins – who the Nets dismissed alongside longtime personnel decision maker Billy King in early January – touched on the difficulty of coaching effectively when front office honchos step outside the boundaries of their expertise.

The league veteran, it bears stressing, didn’t specifically cite Brooklyn or anyone within the franchise as the means behind his gripes. Perhaps Hollins was simply speaking out of general experience gleaned from nearly three decades roaming the NBA sidelines as a head or assistant coach. That’s a possibility. What seems far more likely, though, is that the 62-year-old was indirectly referencing the Nets and their notoriously overzealous owner Mikhail Prokhorov.

Here’s Hollins, helpfully transcribed by Brian Lewis of the New York Post.

“But the micromanaging, the meddling of who should play and how you should talk to this guy and how you should talk to the media, what you should say or shouldn’t say because how it looks for the organization versus just speaking the truth — those things weigh on you when you spend so much time trying to massage everybody instead of just coaching.”


“I think for me, a coach is the guy in charge. His relationship is the most important with the players,” Hollins said on SiriusXM. “I think GMs have tried and wanted to be closer with the players, the marketing people want to be closer with the players, and they want to sell, and they want the players to feel good about their experience. The only experience you can feel good about in this league is winning and having success. Losing and being marketed will never make you feel good.”

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