The Knicks Say They’re Done Taking Shortcuts, And They Might Be Telling The Truth

09.20.18 8 months ago

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The New York Knicks have a reputation. You know this, I know this, and apparently, the team’s relatively new front office knows this. The thing is us average Joes sit here and laugh when the Knicks do something extremely Knicks, whereas those in charge of the organization are determined to change the narrative surrounding the franchise.

Earlier this week, team president Steve Mills and head coach David Fizdale spoke about the culture and the general narrative surrounding the Knicks. The message was simple: We hear what people say about New York, we know it’s not always positive, and we want to change this in a smart, pragmatic way.

That second thing is especially un-Knicks — this is the team that, in 2013, moved a first round pick for Andrea Bargnani, after all. Manhattan’s basketball team is awfully similar to some of the stars that have worn pinstripes for The Bronx’s baseball team: They swing for the fences, and if they don’t hit a home run, they’re striking out. The difference, of course, is that while Aaron Judge or Giancarlo Stanton might hit 50+ home runs in a year, the Knicks have been great at repeatedly swinging at pitches that are 10 inches outside of the strike zone.

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