Nick Young Takes To Twitter To Address Iggy Azalea’s Claims About Cheating

It’s been a rocky few months for Nick Young. Not only did he suffer professionally thanks to the Lakers, his personal life took a hit following a leaked video where he admitted to cheating and claims that he was caught on security footage sneaking ladies into his home while ex-fiance Iggy Azalea was out of town. Not a fun time to be Swaggy P.

Young has made some jokes about his troubles in the past week, but now he’s apparently mentioning it all via his Twitter account.

You gotta at least admit that he’s right. There hasn’t been a perfect human being yet, unless we’re counting Biblical figures or the Founding Fathers. Young likely messed up his personal life a bit, but he hasn’t demolished his entire life. D’Angelo Russell might be finished, though, unless he can parlay it all into a career in film. Doubtful given how skillfully he handled that viral video that started this very public split.

As for Azalea, she seems to be doing just fine with her room full of flowers and people reminding her “she is loved”:


I don’t think there could be anything worse than being publicly dumped on social media, although finding out your lover is cheating on you via a leaked video is pretty bad too.