Nick Young Explains To A Fan What To Do When Having A Bad Day

Nick Young
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There aren’t many NBA players who act more as entertainers than players. But surely Lakers guard Nick Young is the purest distillation of that divide in the NBA today. There are even fans who only know him as Swaggy P, a self-coined nickname that somehow perfectly fits his ridiculous personality. Even though Young struggles with his shot selection and has an allergic reaction to sprinting back on defense, or the correct defensive rotations, nobody looks like they’re having quite as much fun as Swaggy does both on the court and off. And while it might be easy to say he doesn’t take his craft seriously, he does hit the hardwood even when he’s on vacation with is famous fiancé.

Perhaps that’s why Young’s recent advice to a young fan was charming, even laden with a helpful portion of egomania.

Young Abram wanted to know what he should do if he was having a bad day.

Young’s response was almost exactly what you’d expect.

We’d buy #WWNYD bracelets. You see, Nick Young has had a few bad days. Like that time he tried to do this:


Don’t worry, he actually pulled it off later that same season.

Or that time Swaggy thought he’d drained a three-pointer against the Knicks and turned around to celebrate before the ball rimmed out.

So yeah, Nick Young has had rough days before. But when those days occur, does he turn to the sky and ask what he would do? Because that doesn’t make any sense. Then again, neither does Young.

(H/T Reddit)