Nick Young Wonders When He’ll Get To Make A Commercial Mocking D’Angelo Russell’s Secret Snapchat

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Hey, do you remember that guy Nick Young? The one who dated Iggy Azalea and was engaged to her and who said a lot of dumb things in perhaps unparalleled goofy hubris and then saw all his Hollywood dreams explode after he had a Snapchat snafu involving NBA player D’Angelo Russell?

Well, Young himself was an NBA player once, too. Since his playing career has all but immolated into the sun that is the weird state of middling, post-modern fame that the post-Jerry Buss Los Angeles Lakers offer young men, Young having a place on the court can be hard to remember. With his playing career very much on the fence as the Lakers change face since Kobe Bryant retired and new coach Luke Walton was hired to shape a youth movement, the 31-year-old is very much looking to rehabilitate his image and get back into good graces for a paying roster spot.

This apparently includes an effort to make peace with Russell, too. From the Los Angeles Daily News:

“We’re teammates,” Young told the Southern California News Group. “It’s been so long, so it’s kind of old.

“We’ll be able to work it out. We’ve already been working it out. It is what it is. I can’t be mad forever.”

Young even chuckled about Russell’s recent Foot Locker commercial with Philadelphia No. 1 pick Ben Simmons. In the ad, after Simmons asks Russell for advice on his rookie season, Russell takes Simmons’ phone and throws it toward the ocean.

In apparent sarcasm, Young reacted by tweeting: “real funny.”

More than a month later, it appears Young found some humor in the incident.

“I need my commercial now,” Young said, laughing. “I’ll explain what happened to my life.”

(Los Angeles Daily News)