Nick Young Owes Draymond Green $2000 After Betting On The ‘Stupid Ass Patriots’ In The Super Bowl

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The Eagles beating the Patriots on Sunday night in Minnesota led to an epic celebration from Philadelphia fans like Kevin Hart and Joel Embiid, as well as general pandemonium in the streets of Philly.

However, the Super Bowl isn’t just a game between to teams that matters only to those teams’ fan bases. Having become such a big part of American culture, the Super Bowl is watched by millions, many of whom have no prior connection to the teams but still find ways to become invested in the outcome. This might be rooting against the Patriots on principle, or it could be by putting some money on the game.

Gambling is the NFL’s elephant in the room at all times, as the league acts as though the reason the sport is as popular as it is has nothing to do with the hundreds of millions of dollars bet on the NFL every year. Whether in Vegas, offshore or just between friends, gambling helps otherwise uncommitted fans become heavily invested in a game.

In the Warriors locker room it was Nick Young and Draymond Green that made a friendly $2,000 wager on the game, with Green riding with the Eagles and Young taking the Patriots. On Monday, Green arrived in the locker room to ask Young where the money’s at, to which Young tried to play dumb before grumbling about the “stupid ass Patriots.”

A $2,000 wager for NBA players is a significantly lesser loss (or win) than it would be for the average person, but that still hurts and you can tell Young has some regrets. Hopefully everyone settles out in a timely manner because we’ve seen in the past the way an outstanding debt can create some problems in an NBA locker room.