Nick Young Explains Why His Right Arm Has No Tattoos

There aren’t many players in the NBA without some ink adorning their bodies. Ever since Allen Iverson started the tattoo craze currently happening in the NBA, players can’t get enough needle art. One of the most tattoo-happy players in the Association, Nick Young, keeps one body part tattoo-free, though. Find out why.

Swaggy P is perhaps one of our favorite players of all time, and certainly one of the most entertaining — especially in the offseason. He’s also a fan of tattoos.

Except, here’s why he doesn’t get his right arm tatted up:


Priceless, just like Swaggy, a player who brings equal parts amazing


While Young might be dismissed as a carnival act by the older generation, there aren’t many players who connect with *young* fans quite the way Swaggy does.

He’s also got one of the smoothest jumpers in the league and some handle, even if he falls asleep on defense sometimes. He’ll most likely make Lakers fans cringe and clap with joy next year while driving Kobe Bryant to some possible locker-room violence.

What do you think?

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