Nick Young Almost Became The Latest Athlete To Blow Up His Hand With Fireworks

07.05.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

Nick Young can be pretty dumb sometimes. The Los Angeles Lakers “star” has been know for being a chucker, then a cheater, then a reckless cheater, and now he can add “guy who nearly lost a hand because of a firework accident” to his list of impressively doofy titles.

This video can be seen as a crystallization of all the hapless follies Young has ridden to an embarrassing kind of NBA fame. He holds an explosive over his head as its wick clearly runs, seemingly unaware of the basic physics of fire, his own mortality, and how many millions of dollars his healthy body is worth, even while his increasingly unbearable behavior makes him quite unappealing to the league’s front offices.

The man — who everyone unfortunately decided to call his own self-coined nickname, “Swaggy P” — does not appear to believe he is fallible, even though, through any pair of human eyes, he most definitely is. Still there is something admirable about his lack of relent, though; stupidity, even while being very stupid, is a moxie of its own sort, and that’s why we keep turning back to Young, who is sometimes something of a hero for his brave denial of plain reality.

(via TMZ Sports)

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