Nick Young Drilled A Game-Winner After Picking Off A Pass Intended For A Teammate

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11.23.16 3 Comments

The 2016 Los Angeles Lakers are so much fun that even mistakes by Nick Young end up working out. Los Angeles took down Oklahoma City, 111-109, partly thanks to this absurd final possession which ended in Young drilling a game-winning three.

Oklahoma City was ahead 109-108, and the Lakers ran a play that looked like it was supposed to get Brandon Ingram a shot on the wing. The Thunder realized this, though, and after dribbling once towards the hoop, Ingram tried to kick it out to Lou Williams with about eight seconds left.

But instead of getting the pass to Williams, it was picked off. Not by a defender, but by Young, who snatched the ball intended for his teammate and squared up for a shot. Because he’s Swaggy P, and he’s capable of getting buckets, he knocked the shot down. This was partly because when he intercepted the pass, it caught Thunder guard Victor Oladipo off balance, so he was able to get off a fairly clean look. Unsurprisingly, Young was fired up.

There was a pretty blatant travel that the officials missed, which probably has Thunder fans furious right now. But if you’re a Lakers fan, you’re riding the wave of positivity so far this season, as the team is 8-7 through 15 games in the post-Kobe Bryant era.

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