Nick Young Laughed After Lamorne Morris Trolled Him With His Own Meme

Few basketball players are more fun than Nick Young. Sure, his game is delightful – it’s enjoyable watching Swaggy P when he gets hot and starts hitting every shot he takes like it’s the easiest thing on earth. But even if you don’t like basketball, odds are you like Young because he has been turned into a meme.

A picture of Young looking confused while he’s laughing became a meme that you can find pretty easily on the internet. It’s hilarious, and you can usually find it on Twitter whenever someone makes an outlandish statement.

One place that we’ve never seen it is a Lakers game, which is kind of surprising, because you’d think that people would try to use that as an opportunity to trash talk Young. On Saturday, Lamorne Morris from New Girl was at the game between the two Los Angeles basketball teams, and decided to use the meme to get a rise out of Young.

While Young was chilling out before the game, Morris busted out the meme and got his attention. To Young’s credit, he thought this was hilarious, as he started cracking up while Morris showed him the pic on his phone. As for the game, that wasn’t quite as fun for Young – the Clippers took down the Lakers, 113-97. Young went for 11 points on 4-for-9 shooting.