Nick Young Offended By ESPN NBA Player Ranking

10.08.14 5 years ago 4 Comments

While he’s currently convalescing after fracturing his finger trying to swipe the ball from Kobe Bryant in practice, Nick Young will be rearing to go once the 2014-15 officially tips off at the end of the month. He’s even got some extra motivation after ESPN unveiled their 2014 NBA Player rankings.

Every year ESPN has started to count down the top players in the NBA in a league-wide ranking system. They sometimes tweet at the player with the ranking using the hashtag #NBARank.

ESPN ranked Nick Young No. 150, behind such luminaries as his rookie teammate, Julius Randle (we wonder if Randle still has to call Young “Uncle Swaggy” since he’s ranked higher than Swaggy by ESPN?).

Young took offense, naturally:

It’s similar, though less biting, to Kobe’s reaction last year when he was informed he was ranked No. 25.

While we’re of the opinion rankings like this, without much context behind them, do a disservice to all NBA players, we’re not totally sure ESPN is that far off. Still, we’re hoping it entices Young bring as much swagger as possible this season.

Is Swaggy right to be upset?

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