Nick Young Bemoans Kobe Bryant’s Play: ‘It Can’t Be Like A Video Game’

11.25.15 4 years ago 4 Comments

Getting blown out by the Golden State Warriors is not exactly cause for deep self-reflection if you’re already a rebuilding Los Angeles Lakers squad. Sure, it was a particularly embarrassing 111-77 loss to give the Warriors the longest winning streak ever to start a season, but wasn’t that what everyone was expecting?

Well, the Lakers are doing some soul-searching anyway, in part because Metta World Peace led the team in assists with three. He only played nine minutes. That’s not great! Nick Young had a strangely apt analogy to explain the ball-sharing problems:

There actually might not be a better way to describe Young’s style of play than that. Swaggy P is his own favorite video game character. But hey, admitting it is the first step, right?

Of course, the Lakers’ problems go beyond passing. Namely, Kobe Bryant leading the team in shot attempts despite making only 1-of-14 from the field. No one shot well on Tuesday night, but to see one of the greatest players ever turn into one of the worst players in the NBA this season has been, if not shocking, then sobering. Kobe agreed that the ball needs to move more, but he did so in an oddly self-aggrandizing way:

While it’s hard to argue with Kobe’s sentiments, we find it a little difficult to believe that Kobe could A) ever score 80 points against these Warriors, or anyone this season, or B) that Kobe could average 35 points a game. The best part? The Lakers are 2-12! He thinks that if he took the requisite amount of shots to get him to 35 per game, the Lakers would have a better record!

Never change, Kobe. (Or do change a little, since you seem to be hurting the team as is.)

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